presidential rhetoric
Jack Coyne

Jack, I know neither you nor Casey care about what I have to say, but I felt that I should do my best to get you guys to read this.

It’s frustrating to look at some of the responses Casey’s getting because of his “election video”. And it’s frustrating because when you’re dealing with people who refuse to accept the basic principles of logic, it is almost impossible to agree on anything.

A lot of people who support Trump truly believe that the media (all media) is unreliable - fact-checkers, labor-force statistics, economic data, it’s all manipulated and unrepresentative of the truth.

They truly believe that:

a third of the country is unemployed.

anyone that wants a job in America can come and steal it from an American.

the US Government is doing nothing to prepare for a potential nuclear attack.

that crime rates are higher than ever.

How can you tell them that they are wrong? You can’t. The way they build (and digest) arguments is fundamentally flawed.

It’s like trying to do math with a broken calculator. No matter how many times you press 1+1, you’re always going to get 3.

My point is that Casey (or you) should not take any of it personally (and I know he won’t). He did the right thing.