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If you’ve been following us, NestEgg has been working on a life-security paradigm shift for the past 2 years. Our goal is to let anyone invest in reducing their cost of living by investing directly in infrastructure which provides for their basic needs.

Imagine owning 10% of a solar panel to receive 10% of the kWh it creates, to reduce your monthly energy bill.

🎉 We’re now ready to test our platform with real users.

☝️ We need your help!

Before we launch real solar panels, our team wants to stress test our platform with real users. We need real feedback from real people to fix bugs and improve the user experience before we launch publically with real projects. We need you!

How do we accomplish this? With a fake solar panel and fake money!

You want to crowdfund a fake solar panel?

😁 Yes!

📊 Details about Fake Solar Share

Purpose? To collect feedback from real participants using our dashboard so that we can iterate a better experience for launch

How? By running a fake project, in which participants use fake money to invest in a fake project. We are doing this to simulate crowdfunding, ownership, and dividends.

Duration? 2 months > From Dec 15 to Feb 15.

ROI? Nothing. It’s a fake project with fake money. But you can earn real euros by submitting feedback forms.

📝 Be the first to use NestEgg — Sign up!

For this fake solar project, we’ll be onboarding enthusiasts who want a sneak peak at our platform. Those who signup will be the first to experience the NestEgg dashboard before anyone else.

Participants would have the following responsibilities:

  • Making an account on the NestEgg platform
  • Making a fake payment (you can choose how much you’ll ‘invest’)
  • Participating in a crowdfund
  • You are willing to submit feedback via a form & interviews

You will be compensated (real money) €1 for each useful feedback submitted. The feedback form and more information can be found at

👨‍🚀 Ready to pioneer? Sign up today! 👩‍🚀

This links to the Alpha Signup Form:

🌱 We are NestEgg: Invest in the future you wish to retire in.

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