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What she is saying is that wild the predictions stating that X number of people will die if they loose their their coverage is not based on any concrete facts. Under Obamacare many people who have insurance can not afford to use it. If you have no money and a $5000+ deductible then you are being forced to pay for something that you cannot use. This article also ignores the fact that Obamacare was/is failing well before Trumpcare was ever introduced. Many insurers have pulled out of the marketplace already and more will be on the way. As Jonathan Gruber made clear, they fudged the numbers to get Obamacare passed. Trumpcare may not be the answer but pretending that Obamacare is going to finally start working is ludicrous. BTW Medicaid is not much better. You may have insurance but good luck finding a doctor who will take it.

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