Was Jordy Nelson’s Injury Preventable?

For those of us who are football fans, we realize that the Green Bay Packers simply lost their star recipient, Jordy Nelson, for the season because of an ACL harm. Nelson is a vital part to the Packers offense and now it doesn’t seem as though they will have the same achievement they had last season with Nelson. Nelson is one of the best collectors in the NFL so supplanting his generation is to a great degree troublesome for any group.

What we do in our field when any of our competitors get hurt is assess what we could have done if anything to keep that damage. So we should investigate this damage and check whether we can discover anything that could have been done to keep this from happening. How about we watch the play once more.

In the event that you saw, Nelson did not get hit on the play. The ACL in all likelihood tore when he landed in light of the fact that he just dropped to the ground directly after he made the catch and landed. It is very far-fetched that it happened before in light of the fact that he would have not possessed the capacity to hop and make that catch if his ACL had officially torn. Presently the inquiry is could have that been avoided?

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