Week 1 of DSI

Today marks the third day of the Data Science Immersive at General Assembly. Over the past 2 days we have focused on the basics of Python, Git/Github, BASH (Born Again Shell).


The BASH (accessed using the terminal), is able to more rapidly generate responses for everyday tasks. For example, the creation of a directory is created with the name instantaneously. List of common BASH commands are listed below.

cd: Used to change the directory currently being accessed. Use ‘cd ~’ to return to home on MacOS

mkdir: Used to create directory/folder in current working folder

touch: Used to create files. ‘touch hi.txt’ will create hi.txt file

rm: Used to remove a file


Git is used in the BASH to create a GIT repository within a file, upload (push), download (pull), and clone repositories to/from remote sources.

git init: Will initialize new git repository for folder.

git add . : Will prepare all files within the folder to be sent to index

git commit -m “comment”: Used to commit prepared files to index

git push: Will push the files in index to remote repository

git pull: Will pull files from remote repository to local folder

git clone: Will clone remote repository to local machine


In Python, we have mainly focused on iterators/line comprehensions and functions. This is to better understand the fundamentals of heirarchical thinking (for nested loops and data), to better apply Python to curate data.

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