Andy Rachleff is the co-founder & CEO of Wealthfront
Andy Rachleff is the co-founder & CEO of Wealthfront
  • Andy’s storied and career as both an investor and entrepreneur
  • His experience coming…

Spot the difference

Part 1: Measure Twice, Cut Once

This post was first published on The Craft, Faire’s technical blog. It is the first in our multi-part series on accelerating decision-making using A/B Testing.

Methods for companies devoted to the truth

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The Experimenting Society

I just read The Experimenting Society, an essay by Donald T Campbell, the Social Scientist known for coining the term “evolutionary epistemology” and developing a selectionist theory of human creativity. In it, he lays out what a future society devoted to science, reason and truth through intellectual humility might look…

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  • How much drop…

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Good Things Come to Those Who Can’t Wait, Part 1

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To be or not be: that is the question

What I look for when hiring


I am currently hiring another data scientist to join our growing team at Wealthfront. During the process I have continued to calibrate what I look for when evaluating candidates. While participating on a panel discussion for Wharton FinTech in San Francisco earlier this week, I shared my short list with…

Daniel McAuley

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