ICANN runs my scrapbook

A friend teased me this afternoon for one of my digital habits. When I asked the internet to validate me, I got nothing. So here’s the article I wish I’d found so that next time I won’t have to lie when I say that I read about it on the internet.

Every year, like most people, I get a little wistful when my registrar sends me the annual wave of domain renewal notices. They sprinkle my inbox with mementos of those times I scratched the itch to digital landgrab — when I just had to archive a questionable idea in the most reliable public database on the planet.

ICANN manages this kind of scrapbook for many people. And their impulse registrations come in many flavors. Some of them are an experiment or a first bit of love for a velveteen rabbit to help it become real. But for me, as often as not, my registered domains are an exercise in vengeance:

But of course, you know what I mean, because it’s completely normal.

As a scrapbook host, DNS is persnickety about adding new features. So if you want a richer offering, Anil and Gina have put together a much better, more searchable place to capture the story of your projects.