5 New Connected Devices That Made Our Jaw Drop

It’s that time of year again when we start breaking our new years resolution of going to the gym and fall back into being lazy. To help you break those resolutions, we created a list of the top connected devices that will help you not have to get off the couch.

1. Amazon Echo

To kick this list off right, we have to mention the Amazon Echo. I’m sure you have heard a lot buzz around the smart home device as it was one of the top gifts this past 2016 holiday season.

connected devices

Retailing at $179.99, the echo is the main command hub for many on-the-market connected devices as it offers a variety different applications and devices to connect to it.

All you have to do is prompt it by saying “Alexa,” and your wish becomes its command. It can do anything from play from your favorite Spotify playlist to ordering you a Domino’s Pizza.

2. iHome Smart Plug

There are many “Smart” plugs on the market today, but we believe iHome has them all beat.

As a Smart Plug, it allows you to connect devices such as lamps, fans or humidfiers and control them remotely whether you’re home or not.

The best thing about the iHome Smart Plug is that it doesn’t require a specific hub. It can purely run through wifi, and by using an app on your phone, you can control the connected device.

3. Ecobee3 with Sensor

It’s winter time right now and the weather is definitely feeling a little cold. Wouldn’t it be nice if your thermostat just adjusted perfectly for you?

Well with Ecobee3, it pulls in a million of different data points to adjust the temperature of your house so that it can have you feeling comfortable in no time.

It senses when you are at home and when you are away, as the connected device saves people around 23% of your energy bill a year.

You can use some of that money you save by ordering a pizza through your Amazon Echo.

4. it Bed by Sleepnumber

You have probably seen many commercials about this bed, and we at Seamgen felt that it was important to include it in this list since people do spend one third of our lives sleeping.

The it Bed by Sleepnumber allows you to adjust the comfort level on your side of the bed from your phone allowing you to have a fuller and better night’s rest.

“It” is perfect for that couple who has two different sleeping preferences when it comes to comfort.

5. Family Hub Refrigerator by Samsung

Are you feeling a little hungry after reading this article? If you had a Family Hub Refrigerator, you could just look on your phone to see what you have in your fridge.

This amazing connected device helps you manage your groceries from going bad, save you energy, and helps you create grocery list when you are already at the store.

It also has a giant display screen that allows you to see inside your fridge without even having to open the door and stand there deciding what you would like to eat.

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