The Closest Precedent to Trump’s Taiwan Phone Call Almost Sparked a War
War Is Boring

Jesus BECKHUSEN get over it, Hillary lost already. When the fuck does a US President (Elect) need the permission of the Communists to talk to whomever, a country that is eating our lunch because of past presidents (Repubs and Dems) trade deals a country that is using the profits from said trade deals to build a military that will challenge the US, that will turn SE Asia into defacto colonies of the PRC.

The reason you and others got your panties in a wad is because you’ve become so accustomed to being weak appeasers that now anytime someone actually stands up and says bite me you all go running for your safe places, hug your teddy bears and wet your panties. The US should never kowtow, bend the knee or tug the forelock to any foreign power.

If any time is the time to stand up to the communists now is it before the PRC become so powerful that it would literally end up going to a nuke war.

They at present are not strong enough nor do they have the war fighting skills or experience to actually challenge us on the battlefield or the high sea if we actually stand up to them, for eight years appeasement has given us Scarborough shoals, Mischief Reef, denial of simple Filipino fishermen to fish their own waters, trade imbalances and currency manipulation.

Finally you waxed lyrical about the ‘danger’ but of course absolutely zero counter suggestions on what he should do, oh that’s right go to the default position of the weak, apologize…

Seriously War is Boring used to be a decent non partisan blog but now I’m wondering.

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