Barack Obama Still Has Time to Reveal the National Security State
War Is Boring

Well what can I say, the author is a British, progressive liberal of the ‘Guardian type who like his ilk hates the US, it must be choking him right now that Hilarious lost and the Trump won.

What he doesn’t seem to get is that the western world is fed up with him and his buddies telling us how to live our lives, what we must do in order to please the left and their version of civilization. In their world, ‘white’, western, judeo christian equals bad, wrong, fail.

I find it galling that he grows up in UK/Birmingham, far from the poverty of India and the hell hole that Sri Lanka was due to its sectarian war and thinks he and his western apologists have the moral high ground to denigrate and tear at the foundations that afforded them the rights to free speech and their constant whining… sheesh..

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