Questions to Ask Your Agent Before Booking a Luxury European River Cruise Package

With so many cruises, travel agents, and itineraries, it is quite common to get confused. To make sure you choose the best European river cruise package, there are certain questions you need to ask your agent. In the subsequent section, we have discussed these questions, along with their importance.

European River Cruise Package

What are the inclusions?

Make sure the agent provides the answer to this question in detail. A cruise package usually covers cabin, on-board activities, meals, taxes, port charges, and entertainment. Some beverages, including wines, are also part of various ships.

What extra do I need to pay?

It is again equally necessary to ensure you are aware of the additional expenses onboard. Usually, a company charges you extra for some beverages, spa treatments, photography, shore excursions, and some other luxurious activities. Make sure there are no hidden charges that they add later in the bill.

Is there a dress code?

To avoid embarrassment while on the ship, it is wise to ask about the dress code beforehand. On some ships, sandals and sundresses are considered casuals, whereas on the other, shorts and flip-flops are counted as casuals.

Which services can be booked in advance?

It is quite common for the passengers to book services like shore excursions, spa treatments, etc. in advance. Check with your travel agency what you can book before boarding the ship. You might also get some discounts by doing so.

Am I supposed to tip attendants?

The policies of tipping vary by the cruise you have selected. Some companies suggest you what is a suitable amount to tip, whereas the others leave envelopes in the cabin for this purpose. There’s always an option to not to tip the attendants, but still, it is a good idea to have a basic knowledge.

What are the medical facilities available on the ship?

Apart from basic first aid, there is the provision of medical check-up by nurses and doctors. In some cases, you will get these services free of cost, while you have to pay some fee in other. Get detailed information about the same prior to the booking.

Do you customize the plan?

Every traveller has a unique budget when it comes to planning a trip. Make sure your agent can customize the plan as per the money you are willing to spend. Ask to provide the itinerary and pricing in writing.

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