Scholarly Thoughts

When we think of being a scholar what first comes to mind?

The definition of the word scholar is “a person who has studied a subject for a long time and knows a lot about it : an intelligent and well-educated person who knows a particular subject very well”. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Ok so what about thoughts? What first comes to mind when we think of what it means to have a thought? The word “thought” is a branch from the word think, which means “to believe that something is true, that a particular situation exists, that something will happen, etc.”

So to think scholarly, is to be well versed in a particular subject and to have a firm stance in your own prowess in the subject.

Scholarly thoughts is a term that we need to observe when we are fixing (to purse our lips together to given an opinion) ourselves to become some qualifier to certain topics; in subjects or areas in which we have no expertise in. For instance, the Black Lives Matter movement and most recently the whole Colin Kaepernick “fiasco”. If you are not a Black person who are you to tell a Black person how to feel or act during these events where people of color are being treating unfairly, abused and executed?

The recent events in this country has led us as a nation to re-affirm our beliefs of a “United States”. What this country has unmasked in these recent years is the underlining racial tension in this country. Which was deemed over because of the election of America’s first Black president, Barack Obama. However the flash point of this new wave of conscious thinking and an outlook at racial inequality has emerged from the Trayvon Martin case, which is another article in itself. It shook off the blinders and reminded Black people that in this country you have have lesser rights, and your life does not matter. Which has been thrust into the mainstream with the use of social media. It was even written in America’s constitution. The three fifths compromise stated that we (Black people/slaves/property)were to be counted as three fifths a person, this was done for political gains of course. So with this logic are we allotted three-fifth’s the amount of protection under the law of the Constitution? If so, then hey, we are getting what we have been promised. But this “racial” divide that we are facing in this country is real and is prominent, we need to be educated on the facts and not brainwashed by the images and sounds bites from the media both mainstream and socially.

So when I read and see people who are not Black, tell Black people how to feel about a nation that has historically beaten Black people down, robbed them from their homeland, erased their language, culture, religion; brainwashed generations of Black people, systematically restricted, psychologically scarred and financially stunted their opportunities. How the hell would you even understand why we are refusing to standing for an anthem that was written praising slavery?

These factors have enabled and accelerated the stunting of the Black people in America. We are the only people in the “United States” that cannot be deported back to their “homeland”. We are the only people who are dealt with via street/rouge cop justice. Why? is it because we are a threat? Is it because we are super predators? It is because we are strong. Stronger than we realize. We as a people are creators, educators, scholars/intellectuals who are also blessed with the talent to be skilled athletes and entertainers. But they only want us to be seen as “their” entertainment. They fear the day when we come together and remove ourselves from“their” society and create our own. So with these thoughts in their heads there is nothing left for them to do with us but kill us…

So before a person black, white or whatever, wants to have a scholarly thought upon a topic in which they are not well versed in nor are firm in. Ask the question “am I being swayed by media and it’s sound bites and images or was this thought created by my own understanding?” I’d ask you to please refer to the definitions of scholar and thought.