✈️ John J Manring

I’m with you. I supported Hillary Clinton in 2008, was sad when she lost the Primary, and then supported Barack Obama….a decision I have never regretted and although I’ve occasionally disagreed with some of his decisions, he is still the best President I have ever had. I was open to Bernie at the start and actually held on to my mail ballot for 10 days, carefully weighing which way to vote, before I finally voted for Hillary Clinton because there was small difference on my important issues. I came to believe that Hillary would be better at working for things I deem my “must have” issues, because Bernie seemed, and still seems to be a “my way or the highway personality”. Unfortunately, intractability does not work when you must work, talk, persuade, and compromise with others to achieve anything in this government. This is serious business, I do not take it lightly. If Bernie had won the Primary, I would have voted for him absolutely. In the end, we all must make choices and they are not always what we think is perfect. The one thing I know is that letting Donald Trump win will be a catastrophic disaster for woman’s rights, healthcare, civil rights, LGBT rights, and any progressive change. Hillary is not perfect, but neither is she the the demon the GOP and many Bernie supporters paint her. She has worked all her adult life for those things that are important to me. She has made mistakes, made corrections, but has always been a progressive. Yes, she is progressive; and I am progressive. The answer to saving ourselves is not to jump off a cliff, or make a protest vote for show, it is to find a rope and hang on and continue to climb upward until we can get the real change we all want.

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