Real Estate Agents — Just another Commodity?

Let’s be honest.. real estate agents… I’m talking to you…

You have a hard time standing out don’t you?

After all.. you are just a commodity aren’t you?

Yes, I said it.. now I may be unpopular but look this field is becoming increasingly commoditized.

Discount brokers, Flat rate listings, commission cutting agents, those agents that “buy the listing” oh and don’t forget RedFin…

You might as well just cut your commission like the rest of them so you can get the listing… work really hard for less pay than you deserve.

Or you could change your mindset and start looking at how you position yourself and your value.

Let’s Look at this question from the book The Dan Sullivan Question

Everyone today is competing with everyone else to have the cleverest, most persuasive “answer.” So, in a world where everybody is competing with their answers, how do you differentiate yourself from everybody else?

But Nick.. I’m a multi-mega-million-rockstar-producer….

yeah… and?

“I received the President Sales Award the last 3 years in a row”

… and so did everyone else that met the minimum requirements and PAID for this award…

It’s not about the cool tools you have… or that sweet lead capture system you have.. or your mobile app..

Really then — How do you build perceived value and set yourself apart, when buyers treat you like a commodity — with little real difference between you and the other guy?

It all starts with understanding your customer.

It’s not about what size shoe they wear or what color their hair is…

It’s about them.

It’s about the OUTCOME. They buy access to the “After” state.

that transformation that you help them with…

And I am going to say most Agents fail to articulate this and just say.. “I’m a real estate agent”

So how can we start talking about the Outcomes and not just us?

Ask yourself these 8 questions:

What does your prospect HAVE in the “Before” state? What does your prospect HAVE in the “After” state?

How does your prospect FEEL in the “Before” state? How doest your prospect FEEL in the “After” state?

What is the AVERAGE DAY like for your prospect in the “Before” state? What is an AVERAGE DAY like for your prosecute in the “After” state?

What is your prospect’s STATUS in the “Before” state? What is your prospect’s STATUS in the “After” state?

so… before they have a house to sell, but after they have sold their house..

..ok that’s where every other agent will stop

But you aren’t every other agent.. are you?

No you do so much more than that…

The Average agent will only articulate what the client will HAVE if they work with them.. a Great Agent will speak to how the client will FEEL, how their AVERAGE DAY will change and their STATUS will elevate.

Originally published at Digital Marketing with Nick Jensen.