Hello readers, you deserve more… Keep this in mind… This article will discuss “As a tester, how do you influence the end user?” I believe I did yesterday Learning is great for me and you, because we are all the same…testers! __ Smart tester! __My uncle bought a new CPU and encountered some problems, because it restarts every time the monitor is plugged in, so my uncle called the PC doctor he knows (that’s me). After some basic tests, I got In conclusion, it does not support motherboards that are not Intel. It cannot bear the load from the display because the display is a type that draws power from the SMPS of the CPU. I suggested to my uncle to buy an original Intel motherboard, and he did it. We went and bought a real Intel 915G motherboard, wow! The problem is solved. After the PC started to work, I loaded a software that can be used on the motherboard, wow again! I have witnessed an amazing thing. Guess what, as a tester … what else can I find interesting. This is the Intel (R) Desktop Utility Power for you. The software has a stress test module. Any end user can use this module to test the motherboard. You can tell that “Bingo Game” my motherboard is working fine. How does the Intel (R) Desktop Utility stress test work? Video The video card is tested with very fast color changes in one of the windows. This ensures that the response to color changes is good and that VGA works very well. Audio Play some test files available on the system and select test files and different sample rates so that the system can play different formats and run other parts of the motherboard at the same time. CD / DVD In this section, CD / DVD drive-based bus / expansion reading and writing is done by reading and writing data, and performance and speed are checked. Here the CPU checks MIPS or millions of instructions per second by putting in a large amount of addition / subtraction / multiplication / division at the same time. RAM In this section, test the RAM by writing many megabytes of junk data and checking for the same. Disk C also performs similar writing and verification, and it won’t get rid of or stress. The network here sends and receives bytes as we “ping”, and records the delay and return time. MMX There is addition / subtraction / multiplication based on MMX … I don’t know what it is … After reporting the stress test. A very beautiful report is generated for users to understand the performance of the system. *** The image above is a screenshot of the stress test. *** Who is the Intel tester? Well, as a tester, I have a responsibility to thank the Intel testers for this excellent work. I hope that every organization will develop products inspired by these tools available to end users and develop. Intel testers can imagine the demand for such tools. Design tools, development tools, testing tools. Provide added value for end users to buy your products. I don’t know if I should thank Intel testers as an end user or as inspired testers for their work. __ Smart testers! __ “Know what the stress test means … “Stress Test Stress Test…” There has been no gap…” Regards, Sarah Kluivertdme@appachhi.com Disclaimer: I can’t be 100% sure whether this is a real Intel idea, nor am I No objection. Other motherboard manufacturing. Company, you and I can only talk about what we see. You can also see better or worse things, it all depends on your experience. Thanks for your attention: I am very grateful CV Sarat, Tanveer Khan, Udaya Chandrika, Amol Agare, Deepak Argade, Rajesh Barde, Mayur, Sangeetha, Keerthi Kailas, Bart… and many more people who have been cheering for me because of their wonderful words/wishes. Keep on always on the right track. I will not let all of you down. I thank my blog for someone like me. Pretam Modur will never miss this because he is the one who made me start blogging!Btw, I wanted to talk to you about https://bugasura.io . Its a tool that modern teams use to track bugs. I recommend you take a look at it and see if its suitable for your needs*

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