Medium: It’s About Not Writing. Not Writing.
Tim Barrus

Au contraire about the writing. I finished a draft of a book because of Medium. Never managed to get one down until I was breaking it into stories for people.

What I read you to say over a year ago was about the slave writing, stats, publishing, and exploitation. I heard the message, stopped attending to stats, and wrote for myself. I recognized I would probably have to self-publish.

I personally just made a single goal of leaving behind my stories for after I’m dead, because I’ll never have children, and I’d like something to live on to give my other relatives. As a genealogist, I know that my great-grandfather’s well-written immigration diary is precious. Someday, broader audiences may appreciate it, too.

If you let go of a notion of New York publishing success, it is easy to the think of ways posterity will appreciate your writing. Most writers haven’t been appreciated until they are dead. Of course, what about the money of a bestseller? That was always a lottery anyway.

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