From its split intro/outro song, to the fanged lyrics, pulling no punches, to the grooves and the straight ahead rock, I just love this album so much
20 Albums That Changed My Life
Heath ዟ

I am going through your list of recommended heads-above-the-rest music, and as a self-described music addict, I just had to check in.

I like several David Bowie songs, but don’t own anything. I like the Beatles, but I leave it up to my baby boomer husband to own Beatles vinyl. Speaking of vinyl, my husband has been collecting since the 70s:

Two walls of it, he’s got more still

So as I continue your list, I haven’t heard of anyone, and I am feeling like a nerd. My husband teases me — and you would too if you knew me well enough — for growing up in a music desert. All kids in Northeast Iowa were listening to when I was growing up was the radio.

That meant pop music, heavy metal, country, Christian rock, or one station for black people that crammed rap, jazz, blues, gospel, talk radio, and community service into its airtime. There was no alternative music. No internet by which to see alternatives. We had two record stores. They were in malls. They did have a section called alternative, but we didn’t know what that meant. So you remind me how powerfully uncool we were.

But, but, but…somehow, through our heavy metal station actually, we had the glorious notes of Pink Floyd. I am still an Ozzy fan because I waited for the next time they would play me my Pink Floyd.

Such ear candy. Animals standing out among so many stand outs. What they can do to make guitars sing. Humorously, I was wearing my Dark Side t-shirt when I read your post.

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