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I believe this with the kind of passion that gets you called a radical. What worries me is everyone seems to have missed the piece on Medium by the ex-Nazi about how to deal with Nazis (no, punching them is not it).

This is what I partially meant by reconciliation. As a perennial Star Trek fan, conservatives, and their loathsome far right evil friends, represent my Xindi (if you are not a fan-they are an enemy species to humans), and I am always looking for Degras — a Xindi who died to collaborate with humans for a better future.

Conservatives have harmed my family and me in heartless and countless ways. My father and my brother are both dead much too young because we don’t have a universal healthcare system in this country. The rest of the family is highly traumatized. But we must win these people over. Eventually, I will be healed enough to write something that appeals to their empathy, what little can be drawn upon. Right now, I can’t do that. I’m too angry. I don’t think that’s makes me privileged. I think that makes me broken.

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