yes, these are definitely not reflective of my beliefs; to be honest (I didn’t want to share this…

I completely relate! For my dad, it was women. He ranted and raved about women in the workforce. Women getting affirmative action and taking all the jobs. He did it so much that my mom told him to go to a place that normally only hired women and apply for a job. So he did. He got a job at Kelly Services, which used to be called Kelly Girls. It’s a temp agency that would send secretaries out. Well, he was hired to be their janitor.

Then, my mom was finally determined to be a disabled by our state, she got to apply for a grant to go to college. Somehow, my father thought this program was only available to women. Maybe it was. I don’t think so. I think he needed to identify himself as disabled — he was, but it was mental illness, soooo self awareness…Anyhow, he got so angry about her getting to be in this program as a woman when he didn’t get to be as a man, he hit her with a glass pop bottle on the head. (Remember when pop came in green glass bottles?). He was only physically abusive to her twice. This was once of them.

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