I Know You Are There

I’d Like To Hear From You

Thanks to a friend from high school and a multi-hour Facebook conversation last night, I know a lot more about what at least some of my readers are thinking. J.Z. said I was allowed to quote him on this, so here goes:

Many times your subject matter hits too close to home for me to share it on Facebook but I think that’s a sign it comes from a place of truth and will probably resonate with more people than you realize. Sometimes you are not only giving a voice to, but also letting people know they are not alone. Giving the victimized a chance to know something may not be wrong with them long enough to put the blame in the correct place.

That right there, folks. That, right there. That is better than applause from a million people. So, please tell me these things. Comments like these make it worth it to toil in obscurity.