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I understand what you are saying. Does it seem like there is something still missing from the policy conversation in terms of where you fit? The truth is I have been writing pieces with political orientation on a linear spectrum for simplification purposes. It gets confusing for a lot of people if you start adding additional dimensions. But I was going to write another piece pointing out that politics actually has been theorized to be a 4-quadrant political spectrum based on various orientations. Different theorists have different things in the square. So it looks like this:

Four-quadrant political orientation

I am a moderate liberal as you can see from the red square. You’ve probably seen the meme below, and if you haven’t taken it, I recommend taking the political test at this website. Each of the political sites that has these tests has an agenda in terms of trying to sway you to believe you are one thing or another. But the tests give one a general idea.

My results in the test that has become a famous meme
I think this is a hilarious rendition of the political axes. I guess I am socialist.

Different political sites will try to manipulate you into believing you are something other than what you are. This test is biased to push you toward believing you are libertarian, because of the wording of the questions, but if you read through it, you can still come out close to where you fit:

I am more liberal than I was the last time I took this test, but I think it is because the libertarian website is inexact. In their test, “statist” represents authoritarian which they also would call socialism or Bernie Sanders on the Left.

Out of curiosity, would you do me a favor and take one or more of the tests, so we can see where you roughly come out? I’d be interested to talk about what I think the role of liberals is in the future. Before we do, I want to see how far to the libertarian versus “authoritarian” or “statist” (this is how the libertarians refer to authoritarianism) side you are.