From what I’ve heard a lot of those voters say here on Medium and elsewhere, their votes were a ‘blow it all up’ kind of protest. I agree with you on how awful a strategy that is. It puts forward thinkers farther away from where they want to be than they realize. I wonder if they’ll get it before the midterms in two years?
Yeah. I just saw a group of people who didn’t each have the exact same views, but still…
Ré Harris

I used to write for a political site. I wrote at least three articles about how the Left needs to organize and strategize to make change. We’ve been fighting a losing battle since 1980 to have progressive policies. There are fewer and fewer of them, including from Democrats. The way progressives have been dealing with this is making it worse and worse over time. Not voting. Abandoning the Democratic Party in favor of other parties. Complaining and moaning about how no one represents the Left, but not investing anything into making the Democratic Party more progressive. This is one of the most ripe times to change the Party, and poof, the “Revolution” is gone. The only thing they organize around is voting. Not getting the right leadership into the Party. Not getting Democratic Party precinct chairs elected who are progressive or running themselves. This reformation of the Party is happening now. It is all so frustrating. I think I’ll write about it. ツ