It’s the use of “protest vote” period.

I wrote this as a deliberately provocative piece. I believe allowing a person who will reverse social and economic policy get into a place where now progressives have to start over from scratch to overcome what is done is the counterproductive action. I happen to think spending hours upon hours complaining about the left wing major party without trying to change it is a huge flaw of progressives. I have spent my life belonging to a group who doesn’t know the meaning of the word organize.

When I was waitressing through college, the Winneshiek County Republicans met every Wednesday night for at least two hours. For years and year. This was in 1989 when I first started working there, and probably continues through today. They were planning down to the school board election how to strategically win. Everything from recruiting perfect candidates to funding sources. I asked everywhere if there was a Winneshiek County Democrats meeting I could attend.

“Yes, close to around election time”

Yep, that’s what they told me at the time. The only thing we do is around election time. I have since written essays and articles pleading for progressives to get involved in and run their party the way conservatives do. But we never do.

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