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I’m not a journalist. I’m just a midwesterner who lives amongst Trump voters. I read polling data and don’t rely on just “interviews” which are not scientific. I also read other data. Such as that showing Trump voters were more wealthy than Hillary voters. But to back up the polling data, I do make qualitative observations. I observe Trump rallies. I hung out in Iowa pre-election. I watched how Russia targeted white people to vote for Trump on Facebook. I watched the Reddit-addicted brother I personally took to a concentration camp in Germany start spouting anti-Semitic garbage about a Jewish-run media. (If you going to reply to me don’t waste your time without a full explanation of what culture in America is making my brother who toured the concentration camp anti-Jewish. )

I think you’re wrong. I think you’re missing the underlying white supremacist uprising happening amongst all of the Trump voters. No, they aren’t all tiki torch carriers, but they sympathize with those boys. They are starting to get more and more bold about supporting the positions the boys hold. Before long, they will support the boys outright. With just a little more targeting by Bannon and Russia, we’ll have a lovely bloom of white resentment so flagrant that despite the fact it already blatantly shows in police shootings; a president who spouts racism; and a love of flag over life — it will be codified.

Who will replace the wildly racist Jeff Sessions? An even more wildly racist Roy Moore. Who will replace the outgoing Bob Corker next year? A much more racist senator. Write it down and hold me to it.

I think I’ll just swing back by here and add this article. It’s perfect as a summary of exactly what I am talking about:

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