It’s Not So Much Trump We Should Fear. It’s The People He Empowers And The Climate He Creates.
Alexis Monteith

I’m sorry you had an American comment you didn’t read your article carefully. It’s a common problem, perhaps with everyone, but definitely with Americans. He just assumed you personally had the power to vote in our election, and weren’t, in fact, at the mercy of American voters on the international stage.

I have heard how terribly race relations have gone since Brexit. I have heard how bad it is in other ways since Brexit. You would think that vote would serve as fair warning that we should take Trump seriously here. He does, in fact, have a chance of winning. He does have a chance to embolden authoritarian elements in our society. But a lot of our population is too young to remember 2000 or 1980 and the foolishness the liberals/progressives displayed then. They are apparently going to do it again.