I watched the first 34 minutes of Tucker Carlson last night.
DJ Waldow

In my extended family, the Fox viewers, Rush listeners, and Ann Coulter readers dominate over our one nuclear family unit that dealt with disability so we’re the MSNBC viewer.

They are vicious, racist and mean-spirited after years of right wing media exposure, which can be seen in their letters. I recently scanned a slew of them into the computer for my mother and the temptation to just upload them here to expose these people is overwhelming but I suppose I don’t have license to share her letters.

It is nearly impossible to talk to these people who are supposed to be loved ones. My mother had to escape in a snowstorm from her brother’s house in the middle of the night because he would not stop ranting at her about how she accidentally greeted him with a Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. She had to drive from Indiana to Michigan, too, because she was out of state. He would not stop fighting with her and she is sensitive and pretty apolitical so she was upset.

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