Look What I Found Following Me on Twitter

White Supremacy is Much More Rampant Than People Think

Screenshot from my account of a follower that I followed back until I saw a retweet that alerted me to their white supremacy. They either have a lot of followers or a lot of fake bots

Here are some of the tweets that I started to see retweeted:

Notice how the free speech language we see all over Medium appears in the white supremacist tweets
Here they are doing their more specific white supremacist work
Or more of their own white supremacist work

Now, a lot of Medium writers are being given expertise and authority, as well as, an audience, while also being white supremacists in suits and ties. I know I have certainly attracted their attention with my criticism of them, including for pointing out their presence on this platform. Follow people at your own risk. Writers are selling ideas like “higher education is dangerous for your children” and “only rural people are hard-working.” These ideas come straight from fascism and white supremacy. Speaking out against them gets you the kind of followers you find attached in the pictures here.

I blocked Evolvefest. It’s frightening how many followers they have.

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