Hi, I read your article on Waterloo — “The 10th Worst City for African Americans in the U.S.
T. Nash

Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Is your father a dentist who was on the city council? My mom’s family went to a dentist in the 1960s who was a civil rights activist. I was just wondering if we happened to be sort of connected that way.

You are right that there are civil rights leaders from Waterloo who are not highlighted in the essay. I was worried about the length of the piece, so I didn’t feature everyone. Thank you for mentioning other important leaders.

I am also proud of being from Waterloo, and I am proud of my city. What I am not proud of is the city’s record on race issues, especially given that it was in national news for being the 10th worst city for African Americans in the country. I am hopeful that Quentin Hart will make a difference. I went to school with the city planner who has already been making so many positive changes to the East side. Waterloo is a resilient city with a rich history, so the future could be great.

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