Funny thing is, it’s the unbalanced madman who’s campaigning on the fear factor.
Sherry Kappel

That is true. He is literally a fear monger, creating it where it should not be. Morphing reality, turning emotions into facts, instead of letting facts guide emotions. In my metaphor, he would be the one screaming, “You’re standing on the edge of a cliff,” when in fact, there is no cliff.

I think that is what annoys me about the people on the left wing who say that being fearful of Trump is unjustified. It is not emotion interpreted as fact. It is emotion driven by fact. Therefore, it isn’t fear mongering to bring up the dangers. They keep saying there is no cliff, so shut up. A fact-based case for why an emotionally unstable man with strong business connections to Putin who whips up frenzied hate, and promises terribly regressive policies, is not hard to make.

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