Americans have so internalized the cultural archetype of progress that by now we have a built-in tendency to assume that we are more tolerant, more sophisticated, and more, well, progressive than we were in the past.”
Progress Never Just Happens— We Must Always Fight For It
Sara Pevar

This is so true. I recall having a deeply embedded sense of inevitable progress ingrained into my understanding of what it meant to be American. I mean no less than Martin Luther King, Jr. promised the arc of history bends towards justice. But election of Ronald Reagan started my doubts, his platform of welfare queens and military buildup was so regressive for example. Then, racism and sexism that had seemed to be getting better seemed to start backsliding in the 1980s.

It sometimes feels like we have moved ahead on many issues, and I strive to notice positive change. For example, when I was in college, the LGBT group was a secret organization.

You had to be interviewed by this one particular professor to be assessed for entry. Once you were deemed safe, he’d reveal the location of that week’s meeting. It was considered that dangerous to have an open LGBT student group.

But, lo, does it not seem like a downward spiral at times? I am trying to prepare for the reality of a regressive era. I hope that works. 🤞

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