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What is it about shared experience that makes you have this warm feeling in your heart? I remember our ugly yellow, heavy phone attached to the wall with the rotary dial and the long, curly cord.

I remember our black and white TV with only three stations that required a pair of pliers to change the channel. Of yes, we’d sit close. And the picture was still snowy.

I don’t know why these are nostalgic moments for me. I didn’t like that TV or standing up to change the channel from just below it. I don’t think I miss the phone, but if I think too long about it, I start to.

I typed all of my college papers on a typewriter my uncle bought for me. My first email address was in graduate school. So was my first real time on the web, although I had been on it a couple times my senior year in the college’s brand new computer lab. It is wild to be in our generation. I mean the older folks, too. They’ve obviously seen a lot of change.

But it feels like we were surfing the change. Like all the new technology happened as we grew up. So you lived in two worlds. Pre-technology and post-technology.

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