I don’t think that racism is all a ploy by the rich.
Marcus H. Johnson

Wow, I don’t think you really read what I wrote. Skimmed it maybe, but there were so many things you said that repeated points as if you had never seen my words. Why would you tell me again that poor whites should eat their skin if they’re hungry, when I already told you I acknowledged the racism. I just did four publications on voting history and patterns that shows the white working class, which is like 50% of the population, by numbers, votes very diversely. The actual over represented group among Trump voters was college educated whites. They are not 50% of the population, yet they were 50% of his voters.

But you have to take legitimate angers and make it into this competition. If that’s the way you think the Left beats the Right that has almost all State Houses, governorships, the Senate, and the House, I hope you never get a job as a Democratic strategist.