End of 2019 AWS released a Lustre storage driver plugin for their managed Kubernetes solution, EKS. (Technically, it should work on any Kubernetes installation of 1.14 or above, running in AWS.)

Their managed Lustre filesystem, FSx is a pretty nice solution to quickly deploy a high performance, POSIX capable filesystem…

This article is part of my “short notes for myself, maybe useful for others too” series.

Related documentation:


Enable global OS login feature

You can do it either globally on the project, then it’s valid for every instance:

# gcloud CLI
gcloud compute project-info add-metadata --metadata enable-oslogin=TRUE
# Terraform equivalent
resource "google_compute_project_metadata_item" "oslogin" {

I had been waiting for long for the wildcard SSL certificate support in Let’s Encrypt, and after some delay, it’s finally available since this spring. At my workplace, we managed to migrate 100% of the production sites and domains (100+) fully to domain-validated LE certificates, using the classical HTTP-based verification…

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