How to increase development efficiency

Dmitry Melnikov
Aug 7 · 2 min read

I am CEO at OptimaJet. My company is developing products which help other companies build highly efficient business applications. It took us lots of sleepless nights, fixed bugs and dealing with real projects, to create these products.

In my previous article I’ve talked about SLOC and development speed problems (30 lines of code per developer per day). Today I’ll show you how OptimaJet products help increase development speed.

One needs to write at least 5 000 lines of code to create Proof of Concept for an IT system and 25 000 lines to implement MVP. First version of your business system will in turn contain 100 000 lines of code. I have calculated an approximate code length to implement PoC, MVC and FirstRelease from scratch, using our FormBuilder tool, workflow component and BPM platform. I’ve added man-months metrics and estimated the Code Effective* parameter. Development speed without using OptimaJet products will be taken for 100%. Now, let’s recalculate this index.

*Сode Effective is a parameter comparing app codes efficiency with equal functionality.

Formula: Code Effective = SLOC App1 / SLOC app2

As you can see from this table, using OptimaJet products allows you to significantly increase code efficiency. If using our Workflow Engine and Formbuilder, code efficiency will be at least 150 %, and with DWKit — almost 300%!

If you are a developer yourself, show this table to your boss and start using ready-made, well-tested and well-documented workflow tools!

Dmitry Melnikov

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