I miss the old Kobe

I miss the old Kobe, the black mamba Kobe

Chop up the defense, set on his rings Kobe

I hate the new Kobe, the good mood Kobe

The always smiling Kobe, lacking the killer instinct Kobe

I miss the old biting his jersey Kobe, tell you to put your big boy pants on Kobe

I gotta say, at the time I’d idolized Kobe

See he had the goal of being Mj, at that time there wasn’t anyone like Michael


And now he looks around and there so many Kobes

I used to love Kobe, I used to love Kobe, I even had the crazy 1’s I thought I was Kobe

Crazy 1’s

What if Kobe made his last game Mambaesque?

Dropping 40 points, making sure the jazz playoffs hopes are nix, man that would be so Kobe

That’s all it was Kobe, afro Kobe, 81 points Kobe, 5 rings Kobe, showing two free throws aren’t shit Kobe, capping off 20 years in the league Kobe, I still love Kobe

And I love you like Kobe loves banners.

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