things I liked in 15' (transition/Jordan year):

Young Kylo Ren


Amazon Fire stick

the Denver defense

Neon (passion pit/coleworld/the 💩show that happened)

matt & Kim

“I think them percocets had me in my feelings”

the overall music scene from hip hop,indie,pop, and that Toronto vibes

Yeezyszn starting on the fire with only one, then gathering a full steam of heat when Lionel dropped that one face, all day, to nothing but just dropping fire shoe colorways after another. (yeezys favorite shoe) Till closing 15 by dropping facts. (SWISH needs to drop in 16.)

witness the 🐐 live

  • “something”
  • “can’t buy me love”
  • “blackbird”
  • “hey Jude”

NYC culture

The Book of Mormon.

“city never sleeps better slip you an ambien”

future Hendrix

WATTBA (not the album so much, but that happened around the accident. change locations was playing then seeing them live)

realizing the potential

one time for black market and palomino. #salute

death cab for cutie

“got a glock in my rari”

Kobe still doing some Kobe like things

the biebs and skrillex

the random “hey” on “sorry”

the hippie

Andre 3stacks and Ms. Erykah Badau

South Park, reaching greatest of all time level

growing up

the “Robert Horry” ad-lib, ad-lib of the year.

the fact that his name is Ben.

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