An exchange student’s perspective during the territory’s 2019 uprisings.

Photo by Leung Yattin on Unsplash

Dear Hong Kong,

I could tell everyone back home that it was the rows of shimmering neon signs ornamenting the streets of Mong Kok — the sweet aromas of freshly baked Char Siu Bao pervading the humid air. Perhaps I’ll say that it was the taste of crisp Tsingtao beer on top of roaring cascades after a hike through the jungles of the New Territories.

But that would be a lie.

What made me fall for you were sights of brilliant flames on top of barricades of trash cans; the looks…

Photo by Elias Castillo on Unsplash

It’s my nightmare that never ends.

I’m eating lunch or watching a movie when I suddenly feel the anxiety overcome me. Palms sweating and nauseous, I close my eyes for relief, only to hear her children scream for “mamá” as ICE agents force her five-foot two frame into back of a white van.

I instantly grab for my phone, expecting a tragic update from Wisconsin.
To this day, I have been fortunate enough to not have received that horrific text message — and I rest easy knowing that the woman who bathed me as toddler still cleans those porcelain tubs of…

Diego Mendoza

Aspiring journalist. Just an average “laowai” currently in Washington, D.C.

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