Why people voted for Trump

And why they don’t care about your complaints.

There is a town in America. A town where hard-working men and women live, and raise their families. Where every Friday night in the fall, half the town can be found in the bleachers cheering their high school’s football team to victory. This town’s football team wins more than it loses having brought home the state championship several times in the last decade.

And the boys work hard for those victories. From the time our boys were 7, they have sweated together on the practice fields. First youth football, then middle school, then JV, and finally varsity, where they get to represent the town on Friday nights. For ten years — over half their lives — these boys played together, and when they finally get to the varsity level…

They are displaced by out-of-town recruits who move into the town to play for one of the best teams in the state. The team still wins, but…

The head coach retired at the end of last season, and now we’ve got to choose a new head. One candidate is the offensive coordinator; he promises to continue the legacy of the old coach.

The other one, though, is different. Although he has never coached football, he has been an active critic in the booster club. The problem, of course, is that the stars of the team are not native sons of the town.

Evan was a great quarterback in junior high, and in that game where he came in after the starter got hurt, he went 10 for 13, threw for 125 yards, and rushed for 19 more. The team came back to win that game. Remember?

If this man is hired, he’s going to put our native sons back on the field, because we can win without depending on these out-of-towners!

So when supporters of the OC point out that the outsider won’t win without the recruits, and that he has no experience and no business coaching a state champion football team, and isn’t it maybe a little racist that he wants to get rid of the black boys on the team? You can understand why those complaints fall on deaf ears. Our football team should be filled with our players. It benefits us not at all if all the glory of our team’s victories is going to people not from here. And not to mention, these “foreigners” are taking play time away from our boys, depriving them of exposure to scouts and college scholarships.

Make our town great again.

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