Journalistic and economic values are, unfortunately, not correlated. For Now.
Frederic Filloux

I think this change is eminently do-able in the current digital world. As you say, CMS’s allow tagging by authors to define quality, context etc. Automated tools could review the content looking for particular patterns, semantics etc which could be provided to the ad server as well, and real time (and recent) analytics could be ingested, all connected by the articles ‘id’

Once you have all this, all you need is a rule set — an algorythm — and your ‘value’ is created. Much like paid for sites tag each of their readers with a ‘score’, content, context and volume can feed into another score which can be used real time to serve hyper contextual (and highly CPM’d) advertising.

The issue here isn’t technical, it’s around how you simplify this enough to make it buyable, and how you demonstrate the nature of this value. The example of Superbowl is a bit blunt. That’s not about types of news, that’s about size of audience, which would be EASY!

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