Embracing Minimalism

30% of my wardrobe are clothes I don’t wear. They were either too old, I don’t like or don’t fit anymore. They were just useless stuff occupying my space.

I thought about it further and learned there's a lot more things I can throw like shoes, furnitures and appliances that instead of them being useful, they were just clutter.

At work, there’s more clutter. I always, by default consider opportunities as important rather than the other way around. Then it becomes endless list of to dos and explorations. Projects become half baked.

It's the middle of Q2 already. We only met 73% of our revenue target last quarter. I am still positive we are going to meet 100% or more by the end of 1st half. If only I focus on sales activities and delagate as much as possible operational tasks. I have strategic things in mind already.

Since I embraced minimalism, my plan is to focus on just three things unlike before when I do a hundred things. I have to focus on our sales objective and two projects in product development. We recently entered into the enterprise SAAS market and we hope this thing will fly if not this year, but in the near future. And this was the product of myself focusing precisely on things that matter. My new EA is performing well. She's like my shadow or chief of staff. She handles most of my tasks that I do before I shifted my role.

I am flying to Ontario soon for about a month. And this is a perfect opportunity for me to isolate myself to non-essential things at work and focus on the design and development of two more products this year.