How I Don’t Give a Fuck!

My brother do not talk to me.

My kids only call me when they need something.

A pharmacist earlier today denied me in buying anti-depressant because I forgot my prescription.

My OCD vibrates in my face when I am having my compulsions.

I have many opportunity loss in business.

Some members of my team criticize my management style.

Some prospective clients are mocking our brand.


My detachment to things started 15 years ago when I was looking for cognitive behavioral therapy as cure for my OCD but I ended up studying Buddhism and mindfulness.

Its not that I don’t care about people and my clients. Its more of organizing my thoughts and having focus on things that really matter.

Our thoughts always clutter because we are bombarded with a lot of stuff, the Internet, social media, smartphones, traffic and things around us.

We get stressed with every notification, comments and feedback around us.

So I practice slowing down. I came up with some techniques to not give a fuck:

  1. I embrace minimalism. I eradicate things that I don’t need, negative people and negative thoughts.
  2. I meditate and I am mindful. I think and contemplate before I act. I don’t encourage impulsive thoughts that lead me to pleasing people.
  3. I practice empathy. I put myself in people’s shoes and learn from criticisms.
  4. I value and revalue myself. I know what I can do and what i can’t do. I don’t easily get offended because I am aware of myself. I let go of my ego as much as possible.
  5. I practice integrity. Its about mind setting. I detach myself from things and I accept that all things in the world are temporary.