Stay Hungry

I am loving my life. I won last quarter and i’ve been winning. For the first time over 15 years in the business, I am winning big. Turned over 10M in just a quarter plus a lot of leads in the pipeline.

I dont settle. I stay hungry. I am now hiring a team of seasoned salespeople with the help of a friend, a swedish adviser and possible investor. Just sent a draft of job post ad for his review. Cant wait to tell what’s gonna happen next. With his offer to use his office in Makati, a 100sqm empty space, we will be utilizing it for the new sales team and r&d.

For next steps, i will be drafting a list of product upgrades for the company dress up. We are aggressive in dressing up for a possible valuation and stock offering after a year or two. There’s a lot to tell. Il try to be loud in the next coming days.

Some of my friends and relatives criticize me and tell me not rock the boat. I couldn’t do it. I need growth to be alive. That’s my motivation.

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