Burnout Happens, Just Dont Stay With It

Am tired again. In life, business, things. After success, it’s tiring. Another set of challenges, worries and stress. I was locked from my living room yesterday and I crossed the window of my 29th floor condo to the bedroom realizing the danger just after.

How come life is like this? I have everything but nothing. Maybe it’s the mindfulness or nothingness. I watched Steve Jobs movie of Fassbender last night to gain some inspiration or motivation but still nothing.

I woke up out of town this morning realizing waking up in another world is something fresh for me. Its something worth pursuing. But what’s gonna happen with the world am living in now? Can I do it? Can I detach myself? Should I fight to pursue it?

So many variables in my fast-paced world.

I know the formula. Wake up and be grateful, listen to positive affirmations and live life one day at a time. But why should I make efforts? Can I just live a stress free life without make those efforts?

I just had dinner with my kids and we are stranded from the heavy rain tonight. We couldn’t even run to the parking lot. While writing this, am in front of them while they eat French fries and ice cream. They seem like bored like me or maybe tired as well. We are living the same at the moment but I believe they are stress free in general.

After the rain, I will drive them back home, I’ll feed my dog, maybe read some stuff online, maybe workout to reboot my blood circulation and then sleep. Then the cycle starts all over again.

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