Toll Packing

Had a sales call with a toll packing company this morning. I just learned there’s a company that does it for FMCG for non-moving items. Their job is just to repack. One aspect that is interesting with this company is that they spinned-off subsidiaries for trucking, warehousing and distribution. Hence they are getting an ERP solution for four companies. Right now they are paying a SAAS ERP at around 500k a year and they are shifting to the traditional perpetual license purchase.

Its just interesting to know that these companies are open to innovation, its just that these products are innovative enough to cater to market needs. That’s where we come in. We cater to every market, we customize and sell at perpetual license. People are so impressed with our sales pitch every time we end. I am glad we are dominating the market slowly.

Meanwhile, i am gradually realizing the benefit of having a manager. I am relieved with the nitty-gritty of operations. I bumped into John this afternoon and learned his wedding was successful. Just waiting for his feedback and follow through of our venture.