Enjoy the Wins

I think I am continuing to win. I picked up my daughter at home today to bring her in school. She’s been bored from her summer vacation and she’s been asking me to go out. While in school, I decided to stay in the car instead of going to Starbucks for coffee. It was a little bit hot though my driver parked in a shade. While my sweat is coming off, I got a text from an old client and asked for a 40% discount on the upgrade.

I was torn because I brought my partner in this deal to negotiate with the owner but he approved it for a 40% discount even without meeting us. So I decided to take this myself and counter offer a 30% discount instead of 40%. It was approved. Its a win-win. We upgrade them, we upgrade our product too because of customization requests.

Meanwhile, I am keeping myself from spending this 2nd quarter for innovation and scaling up. Just wanting to enjoy the wins and positive bottom line, maybe saving for the rainy days. After 2nd quarter, I will exert initial efforts in sales team and marketing campaigns. Right now, I am studying newsletter best practices. At least its free.