“Your Mother Died!”

My driver’s mom just died. He was driving us for a client call this afternoon when he got a call from his nephew saying his mom died. He suddenly pressed the brakes and stopped.

A few seconds later, he burst into tears and I told him we switch place. I went to drive and let him mourn in the passenger seat.

My driver is a good person but I am bothered by his lazyness at work. He has this wretched habit of untimely absence at work.

I am sorry for him.

While driving, I was struck with fear that news like that come to me randomly out of nowhere. I will never know how it feels until it happens. I try my best to keep my composure while be sensitive towards him.

I can’t help but sympathize. He is even scheduled to marry his fiance on Sat but he told me he has to cancel it.

I didn’t realize I have slipped into his emotions in trance until I shook my head.

People who know me are aware that I always contemplate about death. And I justify it by saying sooner or later it will come and inevitable. By being ready for it for yourself or your loved ones will somehow give you immediate acceptance.

The one who lives is the one who always suffer just like him.

There’s nothing permanent in this world.

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