Want a job in digital? Here’s what the recruiters are looking for in you

Getting that digital marketing job can prove tricky. While the industry grows constantly, more jobs are coming up — which is fantastic news for anyone starting out. Still, this means more competition! Standing out from the crowd should be your biggest focus. Bearing that in mind, we asked some of the biggest recruiters what they look for in a candidate. Digital marketing is becoming more and more integral in the business world — so stand out from the crowd by reading their tips.

Senior Recruitment Specialist, Rightfit

Anna Wymes is a Senior Recruitment Specialist at Rightfit. Rightfit is a digital, media, sales and marketing selection specialist firm and, following a successful nine years in business, is one of the go-to places for recruitment opportunities.

“You must be motivated and willing to work hard to get ahead — that counts for a lot in this industry”, Anna says. “In terms of skills, there are so many roles in digital from analytics to strategy to sales and social media that you should focus on one and become a pro in that if at all possible, early on. If you’re more mature in the market, be well versed on all sectors but specialise in one or two areas as there are a lot of general candidates in the market and to stand out you should be strong at one or two things and excel in that. The sector is big enough now to accommodate specialisms across the board”.

Global Online Marketing Executive, Morgan McKinley

Having a lack of experience doesn’t necessarily isolate you from applying for roles, says Louise Bunyan. Louise works as a Global Online Marketing Executive at Morgan McKinley, a global professional services recruitment consultancy firm.

“So what will make your CV stand out from all of the other digital marketing students? At Morgan McKinley, our digital marketing consultants look for hands on experience. We know that you have just finished your course and have limited experience, so don’t let that deter you. Our recruitment consultants looks for someone who has a healthy mix of creativity, logical thinking, a team player, problem solving skills, good organisational and project management skills. Digital marketers work with a wide variety of people from web developers, UX designers, graphic designers, copywriters and most importantly, the client, so a mix of the above skills are an absolute must”, Louise told us.

Co-founder, Only Marketing Jobs

The rate at which it changes is both one of the most daunting but most exciting things about the digital marketing industry. While it can be overwhelming in the beginning, once you are in the digital frame of mind you realise that it opens you up to a whole new world of opportunities. Getting the most up-to-date knowledge of the industry is therefore crucial, as Simon Lewis, co-founder of jobs listings site Only Marketing Jobs, says.

“Digital marketing can be fast and furious, so aside from the requisite skills to undertake the job, applicants absolutely MUST display evidence of a dynamic and hard-working attitude and the ability to adapt to change. Recruitment agencies representing hiring companies are inundated with applications so you should be sure to clearly identify yourself as the industry’s next outstanding ‘hot-shot’. Your personal profile summary should read: ‘Your clients need to hire me because…’ Nail this and you’ll nail your dream job”, he said.

The advice coming from these three industry connoisseurs shows the importance of keeping ahead of the game when job hunting. It’s an industry that sees a lot of change, and at a rapid rate, so constant upskilling, working on your CV and knowing the ins and outs of the industry is what will give you the edge.

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Originally published at digitalmarketinginstitute.com.