DACA: The Single Issue Blues

“Don’t be a single issue idiot,” cries Bill Mitchell. But what if it’s the most important issue, and affects most of the other ones you care about, too?


Sure, Donald Trump’s administration could manage to repeal the ACA, slash taxes for the working American, attract better-paying jobs, and bolster the economy. They could also manage to protect our freedoms, and keep our citizens safe from crime and terrorism. It’s even possible they might actually reduce the size of our bloated and inefficient government, which costs us trillions of dollars because it can’t accomplish anything without tripping over its own middle-management glut that’s just trying to save its own jobs.

“The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy.” — Oscar Wilde

But the single biggest issue, the issue that voters care more about than anything… is Immigration. Donald Trump, who ran on “no amnesty” and “repeal DACA” in his campaign, won 60% of voters who reported that immigration was their most important issue.

Who cares about illegal immigration? Americans care about illegal immigration.

During his wildly successful campaign, Donald Trump seemed to be on the same page as his supporters. At just about every one of his rallies, chants of “Build The Wall!” can be heard, as a border wall along our southern border was a keystone of his anti-illegal alien stance.

Is President Trump caving on DACA?

However, after President Trump had a meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer yesterday, the two Democrats put out a statement that they had reached a deal with the president on amnesty for DACA. (President Obama’s illegal amnesty program — “Deferred Action for Child Arrivals”) They also added that the border wall would not be a part of their agreement.


It is very important to note that not only is this statement from Democrats who have a vested interest in making a deal like this happen, but also that the Trump administration has denied part or all of it.


And of course, none of this is any sort of action or legislation at this point. Some people feel that it could be some sort of political gamesmanship move — “4D Chess” as many often put it — and others say that it doesn’t matter since anything like this would be impossible to get through Congress.

But would it be impossible to get through Congress? In the past, some Republicans have proposed amnesty deals, such as Marco Rubio. Even if it were impossible, there is no guarantee that after the 6-month grace period that the president has placed on his reversing DACA (which has been morphed into “revisit”, much to his supporters’ chagrin) that he will actually undo the illegal action of his predecessor.


Now beyond the potential political wrangling, legislation, executive actions, and lies of politicians, we still have the actual issue of illegal aliens in our country. Illegal immigration brings a whole plethora of issues with it, from wage suppression, to crime and drain on public services, to birthright citizenship for their offspring — most of which is a topic for another discussion.

Why does it matter so, so much?

The major issue with illegal aliens is one of demographics and political leanings. While illegal invaders to our country come from all over the world, the majority of them by far come from Central American and South America — or as they’re often referred to — “hispanic”. Hispanics (who are considered “white” except for political purposes) are largely European in descent, although there is a fairly generous amount of the indigenous population’s genetics mixed in over the past five hundred or so years.

Hispanics come from areas that are far more amenable to the ideas of Socialism, large government, and massive government assist/social programs. Hence, when given the right to vote in the United States, they tend to vote overwhelmingly for the Democrat Party.


Current party politics in the United States are fairly contentious, with just a few percentage points determining outcomes in many elections. Giving amnesty to DACA recipients would entail giving citizenship to 800,000 recipients, plus another potential 800,000 applicants— and possibly the additional family members they would sponsor for coming to the United States, and any citizenships granted through marriage to current non-citizens. This could also pave the way for further amnesty legislation/deals allowing even more illegal invaders the right to citizenship — and the right to vote in our elections. Surely the calls of “you can’t split up families” will be heard even more loudly when the children are given citizenship, with demands of amnesty for family members of newly-granted citizens.

In the 2016 US Presidential Election, the state of Michigan was decided by a margin of under 12,000 votes. The number of DACA recipients and applicants (who are far more likely to vote Democrat than the average American Hispanic citizen) in the state of Michigan is almost 14,000. Many other states that were decided in favor of the Republicans by narrow margins also have nearly enough DACA recipients to turn the tide and swing the state for the Democrats — and that’s assuming that only those individuals get the right to vote, and not further amnesty deals or other methods to give family members the rights to citizenship.

What losing this fight means to America

But it’s not that big of a deal, right? The Democrats still believe in America and what it stands for, don’t they?

53% of California Democrats are against Free Speech. The cornerstone of our country, of our democracy, is free speech. When you can silence groups you disagree with, you remove their political power, and democracy ceases to function. These anti-speech advocates are loud with the Democrat party, who usually caters to the vocal minority.

The Democrats are the party against the 2nd Amendment as well. Their 2016 presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, supported gun confiscation. In Congress, the Democrats staged a sit-in protest demanding gun control legislation.

A mandatory gun buyback is still giving up your guns, by government force if necessary

Due Process is not even free from the ire of the Democrats. In the wake of the Pulse nightclub terror attack, they argued against giving people their due process rights before taking away other rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Sometimes they attack the First, Second, and Fifth Amendments simultaneously — even going so far as to vote to repeal the First Amendment.

Our court system is so incredibly overburdened, particularly by the addition of crimes committed by illegal aliens, that it’s not even possible to give people speedy trials, (as guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment) and the accused often languish in prison awaiting their court dates. This is further compounded by the myriads of unnecessary laws that people may fall afoul of, and the economy — whose wages are dragged down by illegals — that does not afford them enough well-paying jobs so that they may afford the excessive bail that is often imposed on them. (which is prohibited by the Ninth Amendment) Many turn to bail bondsmen, which costs the innocent money just to gain freedom until their court date.

What could we lose if we lose this fight?

So, if the Democrats gain the votes of the illegals-turned-citizens, their legislators will undo anything positive that the Trump administration may accomplish — including tax reform, reduction of government spending and excess, health care reform, removal of overburdening regulations, exiting devastating deals such as the TPP or the Paris Climate Accord. If President Trump manages to build a southern border wall, even in exchange for an amnesty deal, a Democrat Congress and President will simply tear it down to enable the flow of more Democrat voters/cheap labor for big business.

Given control of enough states, a Democrat-controlled country could even call a Constitutional Convention, repeal the Bill of Rights, and finish destroying our democracy and our republic in favor of a totalitarian Socialist government that a majority of Hispanics would gladly sign up for, as long as the flow of government services lasts long enough to secure their votes.

There are plenty of issues to be concerned about, but illegal immigration is by far the most important, and overshadows any other. Particularly when losing on the illegal issue means losing all the other issues as well.

Sorry Bill Mitchell, but not realizing that fact makes you the idiot, especially about this singly pivotal issue.