Dont be a sheep

I have been biting my lip on this but after seeing some of the insanity being shared about all over the place I need to just vent a little. It is completely impartial and hopefully relevant to all sides.
1. Political memes are NOT facts!
2. Headlines from ALL news papers/sites/blogs etc are crafted to sell/entice traffic and not representative of actual full facts, all media outlets are fighting for your custom.
3. Believe it or not, not all social site profiles are real, some are created by groups, parties and PR companies to help spread their agenda, so ‘Joe’ the normal everyday bloke posting about how terrible things will be under a certain government, may turn out to actually be a made up account controlled by a PR group — as social media is so powerful these days a lot of money is spent in using it to a parties advantage.
4. Ignore any political post which shows one leader pulling a stupid face and the other looking like an angel, if this is the level of intellect of the person posting it — it is not worth paying attention to. It will also have a list of good vs bad under each which you can easily do either way — it is subjective of the agenda of the person that created it.
5. Your vote does matter whichever way it is, but only if you are voting for yourself and your own formed opinions, not just because you have seen some headlines or heard other people’s opinions. Politics affect us all, from taxes to healthcare to social issues, it really does have an impact on your life, whether you are old, young, unemployed, running a business or a public company or even retired.

So, do your research, your own research — the real facts are all out there to find if you are willing to look for them from official impartial sources.
Read the manifestos (yes plural) see what all parties are offering, otherwise how will you know — by reading the headlines??
Look at both sides of an argument, even when you read a policy which you think is fantastic take a logical approach to look at the possible downsides or question it. By doing this you can evaluate it properly, if you only look at one side you are not aware of the full facts. You would be surprised at how many people bash ‘new’ policies being offered by a party that were actually proposed by another party years earlier — and the response is very different depending on which party the reader supports.
Think for yourself, don’t just follow the trend or your mates, a person alone is a very clever well reasoned being but a group of people can be the complete opposite.

It is YOUR decision, make it a wise and well informed one.
(Don’t be a sheep)

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