Why Dewatering Is Necessary on Some Construction Sites

When most people think of construction projects they imagine the structures that rise above the surface of the ground. The process of building, however, often begins below the earth’s surface to ensure structural integrity in the final design. When this is the case, drilling companies may be called upon to assist with the creation of stabilizing structures, such as caissons that may also require a process known as dewatering to create.

Dewatering, as its name suggests, involves the removal of water from a construction site. It may be required, for example, to pave the way for the creation of subsurface excavations, such as basements or foundations. It may also be necessary to ensure caissons built to provide support for especially heavy structures, such as bridges, have sound foundational support.

Dewatering may be accomplished in a number of ways. The technique selected will depend on the conditions unique to the specific job. Oftentimes, pumps are used to assist in the process to ensure a dry or relatively dry base for construction. The idea is to lower the water table long enough to allow the structural item to go into place properly before other work proceeds.

Drilling companies are generally the contractors called in to handle the dewatering process. They are also the specialists who are able to provide such earth stabilizing structures as soil nails and caissons. These specialty engineering designs are required for a wide variety of construction projects. Soil nails, for example, may be used in road construction projects to help hold earth in place for overpass designs. Caissons are deep holes bored into the ground that offer extra foundational support for structures that might otherwise be in danger of shifting, such as multi-story buildings and bridges. Dewatering is required in this process to enable the caisson to go into place without water intrusion. Once the hole is bored, it is backfilled with concrete to create a foundation.

Dewatering is not required in every building scenario, but when water table intrusion is a concern, the technique becomes vital. It is essential for ensuring foundations and excavations put into place are stable, sturdy and safe.

About the Company

DMI Drilling Construction has been providing dewatering services to clients across Washington State since 1991. The company specializes in a variety of techniques, including the creation of caissons and soil nails, that are meant to ensure stable foundations and safer working conditions.